Peer Recovery Support Services CoP

This is to invite you to attend the next PRSS CoP: Recovering Together Café : Experience Recovery as a Gift on December 8 from 10:30 – 12:30. Register now to experience this Café and engage in deep self-reflection, peer-to-peer learning, and meaningful transformative conversation. This Café reinforces "we recover together through conversations that meet people […]

PRSS CoP: The Power of Expression in Recovery

Join us to learn how drawing, painting, and writing can help you know yourself better, clarify thoughts and feelings, reduce stress, and inspire creativity— enhancing your recovery journey and practice. Register Here  

PRSS CoP: Moving Through Recovery – Move a Muscle, Change a Thought

Join us to explore how exercise and meditative movement can help reduce stress, restore balance, strengthen the immune system, and enhance an inner sense of well-being for individuals as they move through recovery. Attendees are encouraged to join this meeting from a location where they can meditate and move. REGISTER HERE

PRSS CoP – Restorative Pathways: Expunging Your Record

Join us to learn about expunging a criminal record—understand the step-by-step legal process and hear about the personal perspective. Participants will be better equipped to advise and motivate those who seek to expunge their criminal records. The meeting will also help shift the conversation from incarceration to community. FREE event Those who attend will receive […]

PRSS CoP: Restorative Pathways: Drug Courts

Join us for the next CoP in the Restorative Pathways series! This CoP builds upon the previous and popular Restorative Pathways: Expunging your Records CoP by focusing on how New Hampshire drug courts are helping to promote recovery and providing advice and insights on navigating this important part of the judicial system. The panel assembled […]

PRSS CoP: Restorative Pathways – Community Reentry

Join us for the next CoP in the popular Restorative Pathways series! This CoP, Community Reentry, builds on the previous CoPs, Expunging Your Record and Drug Court. It will focus on the fears, frustrations, and barriers faced by people reentering after incarceration, but also dwell on overcoming difficulties and rejoining communities. The panel members represent […]

PRSS CoP: Navigating Pathways of Advocacy: From Interpersonal Violence to Safety

Join us for the first CoP in a new series that will focus on the role of recovery coach as advocate: Navigating Pathways of Advocacy This CoP, From Interpersonal Violence to Safety, will focus on signs that a person may have experienced interpersonal violence, how to initiate a conversation about such violence, when and how […]

PRSS CoP – Navigating Pathways to Advocacy: Managing Pain in Recovery

Join us in the second of the series titled "Navigating Pathways to Advocacy." This CoP will explore options that people who are in recovery can use to manage post-surgical and chronic pain. This includes traditional and alternative treatments.  Peer Recovery Specialists will increase knowledge on how to help people advocate with their providers for pain […]

PRSS CoP – Register Now! Navigating Recovery Pathways: Embracing Multiple Approaches

Join us for the fourth CoP in an ongoing series that focuses on the role of recovery coach as advocate. This installment of the series will discuss how recovery coaches can embrace various approaches to recovery—even those that may not align with their own personal recovery journey. Presenters Morgan Britton, G.R.O.W. Care Coordinator and PRSS, […]

PRSS CoP – Save the Date!

Therapeutic Cannabis and What You Need to KnowWednesday, January 10, 202410:30am - 12:30pmObjectives:- Rules and guidance on therapeutic cannabis in New Hampshire- Understanding the role of therapeutic cannabis dispensaries- The impact of therapeutic cannabis on human resource management REGISTERThis presentation about Therapeutic Cannabis covers New Hampshire laws, TCP, and ATCs and focuses on reducing barriers, […]

PRSS CoP – Co-occurring Disorders in Peer Assisted Recovery

Join us for a comprehensive CoP that will assist CRSWs in: Learning how to identify types of co-occurring disorders Understanding the prevalence of co-occurring disorders Learning how co-occurring disorders are linked to substance use disorders (SUDs); Understanding the symptoms of mental disorders that may intersect with SUDs; Learning about available resources. This extended CoP is […]