Workforce Development and Capacity

Thriving in the Workplace

Thriving in the Workplace is a resourceful poster, guiding on enhancing wellness of behavioral health professionals dealing with trauma. It encourages self-protection planning, boundary setting, and organizational awareness to recognize and address secondary exposure to trauma. This year-long initiative, beginning June 2022, partners Southeastern New Hampshire Services with key health institutions for staff support and development.

Effective Strategies for Improving Substance Use<br />
Workforce Retention

Thriving in the Workplace Brochure

This brochure introduces an initiative to support mental health professionals amidst the opioid epidemic and COVID-19.

Effective Strategies for Improving Substance Use
Workforce Retention by Preventing and Reducing Issues Caused by Secondary Exposure to Client Trauma

This research brief explores strategies to improve substance use workforce retention by addressing secondary exposure to client trauma. It reviews the impact of trauma on behavioral health professionals, identifies terms and symptoms associated with secondary exposure, and discusses effective strategies.

In addition, the brief provides recommendations for individuals and organizations to prevent and reduce compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and occupational burnout. 

Effective Strategies for Improving Substance Use<br />
Workforce Retention

Contingency Management Approaches in Substance Use Disorder Treatment: A Review of Research and Program Implementation

This research brief  explores contingency management (CM) as part of a therapeutic approaches to substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. These interventions involve providing clients with tangible rewards to reinforce positive behaviors and are based on the principles of operant conditioning. Numerous studies have shown the efficacy of using CM interventions in SUD treatment for diverse populations and for a wide range of psychoactive substances. 

This cover for a publication on the evidence-based practice of continency management features a graphic demonstrating the complexities around reward systems in the brain.

Innovative and Effective Practices to Support Remote Clinical Internships: A Compilation of Recent Research on Best Practices

Analyzing 5 years of research (2016-2020), Growth Partners LLC compiled innovative practices for remote internships in clinical settings. The aim of this research was to identify effective methodologies and gather varied experiences.

Given the rural makeup of the United States, it is vital to discover effective practices to support students at all degree levels.

The cover of the publication represents remote work and virtual interactions and includes icons representing online internships, telesupervision, teletherapy, and challenges for psychology interns.

Guidelines and Research for Provision of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Adolescents in Office-Based Settings

This publication discusses expanding MAT for adolescent OUD, considering confidentiality, limited data, federal guidelines, state-specific guidance, research on family beliefs and telehealth, and practice standards to reduce stigma and deliver quality care. Emphasis on comprehensive treatment, family collaboration, and further research for optimal outcomes.

The cover of this publication features a diverse group of individuals, including adolescents and healthcare professionals, engaged in discussion and collaboration. The image conveys a sense of teamwork and inclusivity in addressing the challenges of adolescent opioid use disorder treatment.