The Power of Data in Focus

Students are Speaking.
Are We Listening?


Focus on Data-Driven Insights

Data matters. Students today inhabit a complex world. They lived through a pandemic and face unrealistic expectations from social and other media. Some don’t feel safe at home, some face bullying and lockdown drills at school. It’s no wonder mental health concerns have been on the rise.

The YRBS provides data you can use to reduce the risks and challenges students are facing. It also shows where students are strong, highlighting protective factors you can be built on. YRBS data can also help you know how well past efforts have worked and point the way to future actions and partnerships that can improve student outcomes.

Knowing the right actions to take can be hard. YRBS data can help. 

Check out the Wide Range of Publications We’ve Helped New Hampshire Partners Create

This image depicts a sample of the publications Growth Partners has created with New Hampshire Partners around YRBS

Continuum of Care Coordinator

“We could not have been happier with the assistance we received. Growth Partners was knowledgeable, professional, patient, and creative and it was a positive and rewarding experience.”

Continuum of Care Coordinator

“Thank you to the Growth Partners team for their thorough and valuable attention to our request. The data summary and final infographic will be invaluable tools to our work to raise awareness, identify needs and organize community response to those needs related to adolescent health in our community. “

Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator

“The group was extremely patient and pivoted with us when we wanted to look at data through a different lens. I was very impressed with the details of the process. “

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