There are unlimited stories YRBS data can tell, and NHTAC can help you find them!

NHTAC can help you create eye-catching, custom-made reports and infographics that help you present YRBS data to partners and stakeholders and advocate for changes that will have positive student and community impacts. There are unlimited stories within YRBS data, and NHTAC is your guide to discovering them.

YRBS data identifies disparities in student health outcomes and tracks changes in well-being over time so parents, schools, and communities can identify what’s working well and where more attention needs to be paid. NHTAC data analysts and statisticians are available to help you identify local relationships between different variables—such as academic achievement, substance use, and mental health—to ensure the most effective use of time and resources.

To view examples of YRBS infographics NHTAC has produced for New Hampshire schools and communities, please click the images below.

Tobacco and Vaping Among Manchester High School Students – Adult Infographic

This infographic shows the connection between smoking, vaping, and increased substance use among Manchester High school students. It also highlights the impact of easy access to to vape and tobacco products for young people, and the relationships between substance use and mental health problems. It was developed to be shared with parents, educators, and policymakers.

Setting Expectations and Limiting Access

The infographic showcases findings from the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted with high school students in Carroll County, NH. It highlights the importance of parental expectations and access restrictions in preventing youth substance use. Additionally, it provides statistical evidence of the correlation between parent disapproval and decreased substance use.

Tobacco and Vaping Among Manchester High School Students – Student Infographic

This infographic highlights the connections between academic achievement, bullying, mental health, and substance use among Manchester high school students. It was developed to be shared with students.


The Intersection of Youth Mental Health and Substance Use

The infographic illustrates the connection between student substance use and mental health among students in Caroll County.

This infographic explores the intersection of youth mental health and substance use.
This infographic explores the intersection of youth mental health and substance use.

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