Get to Know the YRBS

What is the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and why is it important?

The YRBS collects information on issues youth may be experiencing so schools, parents, and communities have the information they need to reduce risk behaviors and improve academic performance and life outcomes. Learn more.

A female student gets ready to take the YRBS

Facts About YRBS

  1. Asking students about risky behaviors does not make it more likely they will engage in them.
  2. YRBS data are not available by ZIP Code, census tract, or school.
  3. Student responses are kept strictly confidential.
  4. Students can take the YRBS in about 40 minutes. No significant instructional time is lost.
  5. YRBS results help parents and caregivers discuss important topics with their kids.

Why New Hampshire Parents & Caregivers Support YRBS

A young male student prepares to take the YRBS

Collective Action; Collective Good

By allowing youth to share their real-life experiences, the YRBS enables schools, parents, and communities to improve academic achievement and life outcomes.
A father and son discuss school and the YRBS

Build Trust by Talking Openly with Your Kids

Results from the YRBS can help parents and caregivers know what to talk to their kids about.

A female student looks to her parents as her rolemodel

They Look to You For Guidance

Your support of the YRBS is an important signal to your student that their voices and experiences matter. Studies indicate students perceive the survey to be important when parents, caregivers, and schools take it seriously.

The YRBS Empowers Parents to Promote Youth Behavioral Health

YRBS data identifies student successes and challenges. The more students who participate, the more complete and accurate the data. Parents and caregivers, encourage your student to complete the YRBS so you and your community have the information you need to maximize student academic achievement and life outcomes.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services administers the YRBS.

Click below to learn how the New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services supports the YRBS.

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